Friday, January 28, 2011

Three, Count Them, Three Baby Afghans

That's right! Since I last updated I've added a third baby afghan to my list. It's for a friend from grade school. This is her 3rd little girl. I either wasn't around for the 1st two or wasn't making baby afghans. That being said, I'll also be making the 2 big sisters purses. The colors for this one are Marrakesh, Melonberry, and Buff. I'm using what I have, but I think it will turn out quite nice.

All the squares for the Pigeon afghan are done. I didn't have quite enough Seagrass, so I made do with Spa Blue for 4 squares.

I'll be making some bookworms for Valentine's Day soon. I'm working on the cotton dishcloths at work. So far I've made 4.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Belated New Year!

2011 is well underway and I have not been idle. I was snowed in during the past week and crocheted quite a lot. I've finished my sister's Christmas afghan. Pictures to come. I've also made the pieces for 7 snowman ormanents. I owe a friend 5 as a gift and 2 were ordered.

My plans for crocheting at work (on my lunch hour) include lots of dishcloths. I need 20+ for my 2011 Christmas list. I like to make them when the weather's still cool. The cotton tends to leave a lot of lint on your hands if the temperatures are warmer.

Oh, I also made another sweater for my family's Boston Terrier Chester. The first one was a trial run and didn't turn out so well, if you remember. This one turned out pretty well if I do say so myself. I only need to add the buttons. Weather permitting, I'll get to try it on him this weekend and get some pictures.

I haven't started my new tree decor yet. I've been debating the colors. I still like the coral and lavender, but I think the green (Honeydew) is too light to match the others. I may go with a Sage or Thyme instead.

At home, I'm working on the plans and squares for 2 baby afghans. One will be a Pigeon color scheme (from Mo Willems' picture books). I'm using Seagrass, Cornmeal, & Warm Brown. It's for an either/or baby, as in the parents don't plan on finding out, so it has to work for a boy or a girl. The other afghan has to match a farm/rodeo nursery bedding set. The colors I've picked are Ranch Red, Windsor Blue, and Warm Brown. That's 192 three-round granny squares I'll be making. Whew!

Well, that's all for this update. Until next time, happy crocheting!