Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well, Hello Summer!

Faithful readers...I haven't deserted you. My work life has been incredibly busy as it always in the summer. I only have one more week of events and then just a few special events for teens and older kids while I recoup from the madness that is summer reading at a public library.

I did go through a huge crocheting slump since my last update in late May. Not sure why...tiredness, lack of interest.

I've picked up my hook again and I'm working on squares for a pastel baby afghan. I've also made a few bookworms and dishcloths. I also have some coasters I was commissioned to make, but they aren't really striking my fancy at the moment.

Yarn is on clearance at Wal-Mart. Although the term clearance is debatable as the price per skein of Red Heart Super Saver is at a record high of $2.88. I bought a few skeins the other day on clearance: Cornmeal, Plum Pudding, and Shaded Browns. Red Heart Super Saver has 6 new colors. I'm impatiently waiting for them to make an appearance at my store. Three solid colors: Flame, Jade, & Rogue. Three Variegated Colors: Icelandic, Bright Mix, & Mulberry Mix.

Interestingly, Bright Mix reminds me of Anna from Frozen and Icelandic reminds me of Elsa. Coincidence? I don't know, but Frozen is extremely popular.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Three Day Weekend

Not much to report. I finished the squares for the Sully baby afghan. Didn't feel like sewing them together so I started on squares for another. This time it's pastels (Lemon, Pale Plum, Honeydew, Light Coral, Aruba Sea). Haven't crocheted much this week, but I'm hoping to make up for that over the holiday weekend.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Sorry for the lapse in posts. As it's May and summer is looming, my work life is about to get very busy...summer reading program for 8 weeks!

I finished the last baby afghan by the skin of my teeth on the day of the baby shower. Yes, I took it to the shower and got to see the mom-to-be's reaction. It was wonderful. Here's a picture:

I really like how the color scheme and layout worked out. 

In the meantime, I've made a couple of dishcloths and started another baby afghan. This one's not for anyone. I just like making baby afghans. I'll attempt to sell it when it's done. The colors are inspired by Sully from Monsters Inc: Turqua, Orchid, & Dove. I wanted to use Pale Grey, but I was out and I'm trying not to buy any more yarn if I can help it.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Happy Easter!

Since I last updated, I've been hard at work on squares for the latest baby afghan. The shower is this Saturday and I was hoping to have the baby afghan done so I could take it as my gift.

I've had a bit of a set back. Last Friday, my Boston Terrier Chester was viciously attacked by a pit bull. His wounds were severe and I had to have him put down. Needless to say, I wasn't crocheting much for a few days. I'm still very sad and mourning him, but keeping busy helps and one of the ways I keep busy is to crochet.

All the squares are done as of yesterday and 51 of them have ends ran in. I only have to to the last 31 and then I can start sewing it together. I'm still confident I can get it done for the shower.

I also have a household shower to attend this weekend for my cousin and his wife. I wanted to make them something, but my attention has been focused on the baby afghan. I think I'll buy them a gift and give them an IOU for a handmade gift (likely dishcloths).

Going home to TN for the holiday weekend. Looking forward to visiting Mckay's Bookstore and all the craft stores. I need to inventory my felt and see if I need any colors. Wal-mart over here only carries about 6 colors.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Friday, April 4, 2014

National Craft Month 2014 Wrapup

Well, I wasn't near as productive in March as I'd hoped to be, but what I did accomplish is nothing to sneeze at. I crocheted 16 out of 31 days and did the following:

  • Finished a baby afghan
  • Finished an infinity scarf
  • Made 34 granny squares for my brother's afghan
  • Made 19 baby afghan granny squares for my current baby afghan in progress

Part of the reason behind me not crocheting more was that I worked 3 out of 4 Saturdays in March. I have tomorrow off and I'm looking forward to crocheting while watching season 2 of Beauty and the Beast from 1987.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Friday, March 28, 2014

almost at the end...

March is almost gone and I have to report I haven't been as diligent with my observation of National Craft Month. I've been quite busy at work and some days I just don't feel like picking up my hook.

I'm back to making baby afghan squares (three-round granny squares). The family finally picked out a nursery set and so I could plan the afghan. I'm using blues, browns, and greens with a hint of coral thrown in (Country Blue, Soft Navy, Coffee, Cafe, Tealeaf, Hunter Green, and Coral). The layout is one I found on Pinterest. It only called for three colors, but I liked the idea of doing lights and darks with a contrasting color.

I'll be writing a summary post next week detailing what I did accomplish during National Craft Month 2014. 

Until next time, happy crocheting!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Ides of National Craft Month

Tomorrow marks the middle of the month and I'm pleased to say that I've crocheted 11 out of 13 days thus far. I finished the infinity scarf and then started back on squares for my brother's afghan. I should finish them soon, but I don't know that I want to sew them together right away. I've been wanting to make some bookworms so I may do that after I finish the squares. I also need to start working on Christmas presents.

Until next time, happy crocheting and crafting!