Friday, March 26, 2010

NCM Week 4 Update

This week has been a little bit different as I've started a new job. The hours are reasonable so I've still found time to crochet. I also crochet a bit on my lunch hour. Here's what I've accomplished during the fourth week of National Craft Month:

24 three-round granny squares for my friend's baby afghan (That's all 81 I need!)
almost 2 four-round granny squares for my sister's Christmas afghan

As you can tell, the baby afghan is on its way to completion. The 81 squares are done. The ends are run in. I've already started sewing them together. Not sure what I'll do when it's done. I still have quite a few squares to make for my sister's Christmas afghan. I may start the squares for one of the other afghans on my Christmas list. Maybe my aunt's or my brothers. W only have a few more days of NCM left (5 or 6 by my count). I hope you enjoy the last days as much as I plan to.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

NCM Week 3 Update

Spring is springing here in my little corner of the world. The warmer weather and sunshine has had a great affect on my crocheting. Shaking off the winter blahs, I am in a crocheting mood. That is, when I can convince myself to come in from enjoying all the beauty outside. Without further ado, here's what I've made during this third week of National Craft Month:

  • 10 three-round granny squares for the friend's baby afghan (Color: Red Heart's Soft White)
  • 13 four-round granny squares for my sister's Christmas afghan (Color: Red Heart's Aruba Sea)

We only have 11 (or 12 depending on how you count) days left in this year's National Craft Month Celebration. I'm having a ball with my celebration. How about you?

As previously resolved, the bookworms are on a temporary hiatus until April.

See you next week!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

NCM Week 2 Update

This week has been much more productive crochet wise. Without further ado, here are my accomplishments during the second week of my annual National Craft Month Celebration.

  • 27 (three-round) granny squares for a friend's baby afghan
  • 6 (four-round) granny squares for my sister's Christmas afghan

Even as I work on these squares, I find myself plotting ways and means for the others. The one for my brother will be purely hodgepodge. The one for my cousin will also be hodgepodge, but with more of a plan using her favorite colors. For my one friend, I already have the yarn--different shades of blue. For the other friend, she's made her preferences known, but I don't have yarn that suits them just yet. And I have a bunch of pinky coral wool yarn that my sister wants me to turn into a baby afghan. No she's not pregnant, she's just planning ahead. Several years ahead to be exact.

I've been thinking about the bookworms, but haven't made any yet. I think the bookworm making may rollover into April. I have lots of variegated yarn that will make great bookworms. I think I'll make three of each color.

And now, back to the crocheting!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

NCM Week 1 Update

What with moving and the weather, I'm sorry to report that I haven't accomplished much crochet wise during this first week. The things I have completed are bringing me closer to crocheting.

I am settled enough after the move to actually find my crochet stuff. I sorted through my yarn and gave a bunch to my aunt. She's making hats for charity on a knitting loom.

The weather is finally warming up here. Normally, the weather doesn't affect my crocheting, but this winter seems especially long.

So, this evening I'm planning to curl up with a good movie, a cup of tea, and my crochet hook. I'll keep you informed.