Saturday, March 13, 2010

NCM Week 2 Update

This week has been much more productive crochet wise. Without further ado, here are my accomplishments during the second week of my annual National Craft Month Celebration.

  • 27 (three-round) granny squares for a friend's baby afghan
  • 6 (four-round) granny squares for my sister's Christmas afghan

Even as I work on these squares, I find myself plotting ways and means for the others. The one for my brother will be purely hodgepodge. The one for my cousin will also be hodgepodge, but with more of a plan using her favorite colors. For my one friend, I already have the yarn--different shades of blue. For the other friend, she's made her preferences known, but I don't have yarn that suits them just yet. And I have a bunch of pinky coral wool yarn that my sister wants me to turn into a baby afghan. No she's not pregnant, she's just planning ahead. Several years ahead to be exact.

I've been thinking about the bookworms, but haven't made any yet. I think the bookworm making may rollover into April. I have lots of variegated yarn that will make great bookworms. I think I'll make three of each color.

And now, back to the crocheting!

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