Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still Crocheting!

This weekly update is a day early, but I'm at the library so I thought I'd go ahead and update all my faithful readers on my crocheting adventures. This past week is one of my favorite times of year besides Christmas. Yes, folks, it was the annual yarn clearance at Wal-Mart. Here's what I got:

- 2 skeins of Melonberry (Red Heart Super Saver)
- 2 skeins of Seagrass (Red Heart Super Saver)
- 2 skeins of Marrakesh (Red Heart Super Saver)
- 1 skein of Tea Leaf (Red Heart Super Saver)
- 1 skein of Cherrycola (Red Heart Super Saver)
- 1 skein of Sunrise (Peaches & cream cotton)

Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself. I've already used a little bit of the Melonberry in the "Baby Butterfly" afghan. I was 2 squares short of Plum Pudding. That afghan is coming along nicely. The green (Medium Thyme) is a bit dark, but this afghan was all about using what I had. The nine patch block layout is turning out nicely. I should be done sewing the squares together and then to edge it.

Oh, I found out that my mom's cousin's daughter is doing her nursery in Noah's Ark. The good news is the afghan I made (Coffee, Aran, Light Blue) will match. If I'd knew the theme before I started I would have used Country Blue, Warm Brown, Buff.

My next projects are 2 baby hats, 2 Hogwarts scarves, and then back to work on my Christmas gifts. Christmas is just 149 days away. I don't know if I'll get everything done this week. I certainly don't think I'll get all those afghans done. I think I might get my cousin's done in addition to my sister's, but that's all. However, you never know.

Until next week, happy crocheting!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Changes & Crocheting

Hello to all my fellow crocheters and blog readers!

Changes are taking place in my life. Last Friday, I was laid off from my position at a college library. I will miss all the friends I made there and the wonderful children's room. I am once again pounding the pavement (figuratively speaking) to find a new position.

At the same time, my mom has switched to third shift. This is quite an adjustment for the whole family. As I have more time now, I've taken over the cooking, grocery shopping, and the dogs' care. I like being able to help out.

Despite the changes in my life, I am still finding some time to crochet. I finished the baby boy afghan (Coffee, Aran, Light Blue) this week. I will post a picture soon. I have about 42 squares left to make for the "Baby Butterfly" afghan (Plum Pudding, Artist Print, Blueberry Pie, Medium Thyme, Buff).

After that I get to start on the Hogwarts scarves. I purchased the yarn earlier this week. For the Gryffindor scarf, I'm using Red Heart Super Saver's Burgundy and Gold. For the Ravenclaw scarf, I'm using Royal and Medium Brown. The girl wants Ravenclaw colors from the books (blue and bronze) as opposed to the movies (blue & silver).

Mom has decided she also wants be to make some hats for her cousin's daughter's baby. She wants them to match the afghan so I'll use Coffee and Light Blue. Found a new pattern over at The Blue Crab Crochets at Midnight. I'll let you know how they turn out.

Until next week, happy crocheting!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Crochet in the midst of household turmoil... parents are remodeling the kitchen and dining room this week. My bedroom is right off the dining room. As they're laying tile, I had to vacate my room for a few days and stay in the living room.

I've still got quite a bit of crocheting done. I started the afghan for my mom's cousin's daughter last Friday. I've made all the Aran and Coffee squares. I should finish the Light blue squares today. Hoping to finish it completely this weekend.

I've also made Independence Day bookworms for my co-workers (Red Heart Super Saver's Stars & Stripes). They loved them.

I've had to rethink the baby afghan for the friend at church. I looked at her gift registry and while the color scheme I had planned didn't clash, it didn't exactly match either. She's chosen butterfly themed bedding that has pinks and purples with green accents. I'm still going to do the nine patch block pattern, but I'm adding a few more colors. The new color scheme is Light Sage, Frosty Green, Buff, Artist Print, Blueberry Pie, & Plum Pudding. I'm still working on the layout.

So that afghan is next and then the Hogwarts house scarves. And then if I don't have any more commissions, I'll start back on my Christmas gifts.

Until next week, happy crocheting!

Friday, July 9, 2010

More Crochet than I Can Handle

Wow...this has been such a bust crochet week. I've finished the baby afghan for my aunt's friend. It turned out rather well. I've titled it "Ashley's Sailboats." The colors were Red Heart Super Saver's Soft Navy, Paddy Green, and Tea Leaf. Today, I'll be starting on the baby afghan for my mom's cousin's daughter. Still have to get the blue yarn.

I also still need to make the baby afghan for the girl at church. I'm very excited about it as it's a layout I've never tried before (nine patch blocks). I have another baby afghan pending. It's for a friend's coworker, but I'm not sure if it's definite yet. It's for a little boy and her color scheme is brown and beige with green accents. I've come up with a couple of color schemes: "Chocolate-covered Peter Rabbit" and "Little Boy Nature."

I've got two orders for Hogwarts House Scarves. One for Gryffindor and one for Ravenclaw. I'm looking forward to making these. They will be Prisoner of Azkaban film style. I will be making myself and my best friend new scarves, as well, for the movie premiere.

As you can see, I am very busy in terms of crochet. This update is rather short, but I'm sure you understand. Until next week, happy crocheting.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Another Week...

My update this week is a day early because I'm off work tomorrow for Independence Day. Hopefully, I'll get lots of crocheting done.

I've worked primarily on squares for the sailboat theme baby afghan this week. I've finished the 27 Tea Leaf squares and started in on the Paddy Green ones. I've charted out the layout on graph paper. I think it's going to turn out rather well. After I finish it, I'll move on to the squares for the other baby afghan (Coffee, Light Blue, Aran).

A girl at church is expecting a little girl around September. I've decided to make her a baby afghan. I want to use yarn I already have so I plan to use my normal 9 x 9 squares, but make 9 patch blocks. The colors I'm using are Light Raspberry, Cornmeal, Frosty Green, and Buff. I originally wanted to use Country Blue, but I don't have any. All I had was Windsor Blue and it's a bit dark for a baby girl's afghan. I can't wait to see how it looks. The layout chart looks promising.

Over the holiday weekend, I might also continue to work on Christmas gifts (i.e., the hat and scarf for Mom) and some more bookworms. I'm working with blue yarns right now. I try to keep a variety of colors out where I sell them.

The trailer for Part 1 of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows released Monday night. I'm so happy about the November release date. It will be the perfect opportunity to wear my Gryffindor scarf. I'm thinking of making a new one using the Prisoner of Azkaban movie style. I'm also thinking of making a Ravenclaw scarf. As much as I love Gryffindor, I think I would end up in Ravenclaw.

I have a busy weekend ahead. There's a youth rally at church tomorrow. I have Summer Reading Program events at the library on Saturday (Pirates Preschool Story Time, a Pirate Party for ages 6-11, and a Percy Jackson Party for teens) and a cookout. Church and another cookout on Sunday. In between all this, I'll crochet, read, and continue with my Bible study.

Until next time, happy crocheting!