Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Project Update

Well, it's 5 days before Christmas and I'm still crocheting.

I am almost finished with a plastic bag holder. I used a pattern from Crochet 'N More ( I just need to make the ties and run in the ends.

I've finished the hat and scarf for my brother's fiancee. I'll give more details when I post pictures.

I still have several dishcloths to make.

Today I started a dish-washing liquid bottle dress. I'm using James G. Davis' pattern ( It's red and white as my friend's kitchen is done in those colors.

After the holidays, I have several projects to make for friends. More about that later. I also have to make the ornaments for my new tree theme. I've decided on snowmen, snowflakes, and icicles. My tree is 3 feet tall. I estimate I'll need 12 of each. I'll use ribbon (bought in the after-Christmas sales) to make the bow topper and streamers.

I feel so behind. Normally by this time, I've already started on gifts for next year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Cat is Done!!!

That's right, the cat is done. I finished her up this morning. I ended up using blue buttons for eyes because blue animal eyes were impossible to find. My friend Laura was adamant that the cat be gray with blue eyes. The only thing left to do is mail her to VA.

The squares for the baby afghan are ready to be sewn together, so it looks like I'm on schedule to have it done by Friday.

I don't have to make the stocking ornaments for my friend. She thought of something else to give as gifts.

I'm going to do a new tree theme next year. My tree is currently purple. I make bells, stocking ornaments, and gingerbread houses for it. I also made the tree skirt. Next year I'm doing snowmen, snowflakes, and icicles. As soon as I get all my Christmas projects completed, I'll start work on that.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Project Update

Well, Christmas is less than a month away and I still have lots of things to make.

I'm currently working on a baby afghan for my cousin. She's expecting a little girl in February. The afghan is 81 granny squares, 9 x 9 squares. The colors are Red Heart Super Saver's Country Rose, Rose Pink, and Linen. Very country looking. I wanted something colorful. For her first daughter I did a white afghan.

I'm also making a kitten for my friend Laura in VA. I'm using a simple kitten pillow patten (Source: Women's Circle Crochet, Spring 1987, "Sitting Pretty Kitty" by Starlinne Garrett). I'm adding blue animal eyes, embroidering a nose and mouth, and attaching whiskers.

I also need to make dishcloths for several people. I have a simple pattern I devised.

Bridget's Dishcloth
Materials: cotton yarn, size H hook

chain 30
Row 1; hdc in 3rd ch from hook and across, ch 2 & turn (28 sts)
Rows 2-20: hdc in each st across, ch 2 & turn.

My friend Vicky wants me to make stocking ornaments for her housemate and her 12 siblings. I'm using the granny square stocking ornament pattern. I think this pattern has been around forever. I discovered it when I found one on my mom's tree and pulled it apart to get the pattern.

I need to make skinny scarves (They're so in right now!) for several people on my list.

I also need to make a dog a sweater.

So many projects, so little time!