Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still in a crochet slump...

I'm sad to report that I'm still in a crochet slump. I am, however, looking for new patterns online. These get filed away until I'm ready to work on Christmas stuff.

I'm done making squares for my sister's 2009 afghan for the moment. I've run out of the yarn I need. I've ran in the ends on the squares I've made and have started sewing them together.

I'm making myself a pair of fingerless gloves. The pattern comes from Crochet World Omnibook, Winter 1985 ("Fingerless Glove Covers" by Kathleen M. Banta). I'm using Red Heart's Linen. I thought these would help keep my hands warm while crocheting.

My friend Kara wants me to make her a hippo. That will be my next project. She wants a gray hippo with a purple hat. Very dashing!

I also need to make some stuff for Valentine's Day. Not sure what yet. Perhaps some bookmarks or fridgies.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Snake Scarf: Pattern & Pics

Okay folks, here's the pattern for the snake scarf I designed

Anna’s Snake Scarf
Designed by Bridget
You may use this pattern for your own personal use. You may provide a link to this pattern from your website, but not the pattern itself. Feel free to sell what you make from this pattern, but please give me credit as the designer.

Materials: 6-7 ounces worsted weight yarn in the color of your choice (I used Red Heart's Banana Berry), small amount red yarn, Size H hook, 2 3/4” buttons in the color of your choice, sewing needle, thread, yarn needle

Gauge: 4 sc = 1 inch
Finished scarf measures 4.5 inches by 64 inches

Pattern: Ch 11
Rows 1-5: sc across (10 sc)
Row 6: inc 1 st in first and last sts (12 sc)
Rows 7-9: sc across (12 sc)
Row 10: rep Row 6 (14 sc)
Rows 11-13: sc across (14 sc)
Row 14: rep Row 6 (16 sc)
Row 15: sc across (16 sc)
Repeat Row 15 until the scarf measures 52 inches.

[Begin Neck and Head]
Row 1: dec first 2 sts and last 2 sts (14 sc)
Row 2: sc across (14sc)
Row 3: Rep Row 1 (12 sc)
Row 4: sc across (12 sc)
Row 5: Rep Row 1 (10 sc)
Row 6: sc across (10 sc)
Row 7: rep Row 1 (8 sc)
Row 8: sc across (8 sc)
Row 9: 2 sc in first and last sts (10 sc)
Row 10: sc across (10 sc)
Row 11: Rep Row 9 (12 sc)
Row 12: sc across (12 sc)
Row 13: Rep Row 9 (14 sc)
Row 14: sc across (14 sc)
Row 15: Rep Row 9 (16 sc)
Rows 16-19: sc across (16 sc)
Row 20: Rep Row 9 (18 sc)
Rows 21-24: sc across (18 sc)
Row 25: Rep Row 1 (16 sc)
Rows 16-29: sc across (16 sc)
Row 30: Rep Row 1 (14 sc)
Row 31: sc across (14 sc)
Row 32: Rep Row 1 (12 sc)
Row 33: sc across (12 sc)
Row 34: Rep Row 1 (10 sc)
Row 35: sc across (10 sc)
Row 36: Rep Row 1 (8 sc)
Row 37: Rep Row 1 (6 sc)
Rows 38-39: sc across (6 sc)
Do not detach yarn. Edge the scarf with sc, join with sl st to first edging st. Detach yarn.

Tongue: Attach red in the third st of Row 39
Row 1: sc in third and fourth sts of Row 39 (2 sc)
Rows 2-4: sc across (2 sc)
Row 5: 3 dc in each st (6 dc)
Detach red yarn.

Run in ends with yarn needle. Sew button eyes to head.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello fellow crocheters! I know it's been awhile since I posted, but the holidays were crazy. I did manage to get all my gifts done on time. After Christmas, I entered a sort of crochet slump. I've made a few dishcloths, a few squares for my sister's 2009 afghan, and designed a snake scarf for a classmate. Pictures and pattern to follow. She showed me a picture and said "Can you make something like this?" I said "Sure." This is how the snake scarf came into being.

I have a few projects planned for Christmas 2009. My 7-year-old cousin likes cats. So I'm going to make her a cat like I did for Laura in VA. I'm thinking brown with green eyed. I discovered that my cousin's wife likes hippos. I think I'll make her a hippo like I did my sister. For both couples, I'm going to attempt hippo ornaments. I think I've come across a mini hippo pattern that should work well. Anything can be turned into an ornament. All you need is a bit of ribbon. My aunt requested an afghan. I'm going to make her one the same size as my dad's: 8 x 14 squares. The squares measure 5 inches each.

This Christmas was record-breaking in terms of the amount of yarn I received. I normally only get 10 skeins from my mom. But 2 other people got me yarn as well. So I received a total of 21 skeins of Red Heart yarn. I currently have so much yarn that it makes me nervous. I want to do something with it.

My immediate crochet plans are to continue making squares for my sister's afghan until I run out of the yarn I need. At that point, I'll run in ends and start sewing the squares together. Happy Crocheting!