Saturday, January 24, 2009

Still in a crochet slump...

I'm sad to report that I'm still in a crochet slump. I am, however, looking for new patterns online. These get filed away until I'm ready to work on Christmas stuff.

I'm done making squares for my sister's 2009 afghan for the moment. I've run out of the yarn I need. I've ran in the ends on the squares I've made and have started sewing them together.

I'm making myself a pair of fingerless gloves. The pattern comes from Crochet World Omnibook, Winter 1985 ("Fingerless Glove Covers" by Kathleen M. Banta). I'm using Red Heart's Linen. I thought these would help keep my hands warm while crocheting.

My friend Kara wants me to make her a hippo. That will be my next project. She wants a gray hippo with a purple hat. Very dashing!

I also need to make some stuff for Valentine's Day. Not sure what yet. Perhaps some bookmarks or fridgies.

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