Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Projects Done!

Here are the Christmas projects I rushed to finish. First is snowman ornaments for my brother and his girlfriend and my friend V. Next is Ms. F's annual snowman (See the pattern here). Third is hippo ornaments for my sister and her husband and my cousin and his wife. Many thanks to KristieMN for her pattern. I only used the head for the ornaments. Next is a Bella hat for my cousin. Thanks go to April Draven for working out the pattern. I edged it with single crochet instead of slip stitches. Also, it turned out a bit pointy on top. Could have been the yarn or the hook. Might try another one in the future. Last is the cat for my cousin.
Now that Christmas is over, I don't quite know what to do with myself. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 Days Until Christmas...

That's right. There are only 17 days until Christmas. Am I done with all my gifts? Of course not. I have put quite a dent in my list. A lot of the items just need finishing (i.e., ends ran in). I'm not in the mood for that at the moment, so I'm just carrying on. My out-of-state friends will be waiting for their gifts. Sadly, I've had to relegate them to the bottom of the heap. Family comes first. I'm working on a cat for my cousin and fingerless gloves for my grandma. I've finished making dishcloths at work. I'm now working on a project that's wholly unrelated to Christmas--squares for a baby afghan. Granny squares are simple, uncomplicated crochet. I guess that's why they appeal at this point. I'm trying to reduce the stress in my life. Hence, the granny squares. Over the weekend, I finished my tree skirt and angel. Hope to have the tree up on Thursday. I'll be posting pictures.