Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Project Update

Well, it's 5 days before Christmas and I'm still crocheting.

I am almost finished with a plastic bag holder. I used a pattern from Crochet 'N More ( I just need to make the ties and run in the ends.

I've finished the hat and scarf for my brother's fiancee. I'll give more details when I post pictures.

I still have several dishcloths to make.

Today I started a dish-washing liquid bottle dress. I'm using James G. Davis' pattern ( It's red and white as my friend's kitchen is done in those colors.

After the holidays, I have several projects to make for friends. More about that later. I also have to make the ornaments for my new tree theme. I've decided on snowmen, snowflakes, and icicles. My tree is 3 feet tall. I estimate I'll need 12 of each. I'll use ribbon (bought in the after-Christmas sales) to make the bow topper and streamers.

I feel so behind. Normally by this time, I've already started on gifts for next year.

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