Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Serious Crochet Slump

Since graduation, I've not been crocheting much. I think it's the fact that my life is so unsettled at the moment. I've got my master's but no job yet. I'm moving home at the end of the week. I'll be volunteering at my local public library then. Maybe once I have some structure in my life, I'll feel like crocheting again.

I did make a crocheted cupcake for my four-year-old cousin's birthday. I used Hannah's pattern. Since Katie was having a Cinderella party, I made the icing blue (Red Heart's Spa Blue). I also started a poncho for the same cousin using a Lionbrand pattern, but quickly lost interest.

Again, more structure will hopefully mean more interest in crochet. Until then, I'm in crochet limbo.

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