Friday, April 17, 2009

Yarn Musing

Sometime last month, I rescued a 3 drawer cart from the dumpster. It's been setting around. I didn't have a use in mind when I rescued it. I just couldn't let it be thrown away. Today, I thought wouldn't it be nice to put my yarn in there so I could see it? Well, that's exactly what I proceeded to do. I went through my 4 plastic totes of yarn and moved the Red Heart still in skeins and my cotton yarn to the cart.

What did I discover while sorting through my multitudes of yarn? A plethora of blue and a yellow, green, and white variegated that will be great for a baby afghan. The rug yarn (softer than you'd assume) that I plan on making scarves out of. Also several bags of small balls of yarn. Haven't found a use for them yet. Last year, they came in handy when I was making hats and scarves for the snowmen ornaments.

Though no one I know is expecting a baby boy, I think I'll turn the blue and variegated yarn into 3-round granny squares. It's something to do. I don't have the yarn I need to finish the squares for my sister's afghan and I've lost interest in the squares for my aunt's afghan. The deer stalker hat is coming along, but it's one of those complicated patterns. How I relish the simplicity of granny squares.

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