Thursday, October 1, 2009

Projects--Christmas and Other

Wow! October 1st--where has the time gone? I finally finished my sister's afghan. 160 squares all sewn together and edged. Haven't taken a picture yet. Used Red Heart's Painted Desert, Magenta, and Windsor Blue.

I'm now hard at work on squares for afghans for a co-worker's granddaughter. She wants them solid colored so I'm using Red Heart's Spring Green for one and Delft Blue for the other.

In other crocheting news, I plan to design a squirrel fridgie. I found a pattern online, but didn't like how it worked up.

I've recently discovered Hobby Lobby's brand of yarn--"I love this yarn." It's a bit more expensive than Red Heart, but it has a softer texture and some really nice colors. I can't wait till there's a sale and I can stock up. I bought yarn to make a scarf for my cousin yesterday. Today, I'm get yarn for my niece's first Christmas stocking.

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