Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bridget's Christmas Workshop

My living room has turned into a Christmas Workshop. I have yarn in various colors scattered here and there along with patterns. Finished (or almost) projects clutter the couch. It's a lovely holiday mess. I've made quite a few stocking ornaments over the past week or so. They just need their ends ran in and crocheted together. I'm also working on some other ornaments that I can't mention here as the intended recipients are online. Nevertheless, I'm using someone's stuffed animal pattern and only making the head for the ornament. All will be revealed after Christmas.

At work, I continue to make dishcloths. I almost have 3 done. I have started a tree skirt. The pattern is from Crafting Traditions magazine. I'm using Red Heart's Country Blue, Windsor Blue, White, Royal, and Soft Navy. I'll then use the Country Blue to make an angel tree topper.

For my Thanksgiving story time next week, I'm making turkey butt magnets. Thanks to Catherine Lindsay for the use of her pattern. They just need the ends ran in and feet to be finished.

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