Friday, September 10, 2010

Still crocheting away...

I did crochet some this week on the Ravenclaw scarf. I'm still planning to have both scarves finished this weekend and ready to mail on Monday.

I've done a quick inventory of my progress on the squares for my sister's annual Christmas afghan. I have to make 53 or 54 of each of the three colors (Seagrass, Aruba Sea, & Honeydew). The Seagrass squares have been done for sometime now. I have 41 of the Aruba Sea squares completed.

I'm nowhere near being done with this year's afghan and I'm already thinking about next year's color scheme. Red Heart has so very nice Camo yarn out. I really like Desert Camo and Dress Blues. My brother-in-law gets to pick the colors for 2011 and I think he'll like these two.

Until next week, happy crocheting!

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