Monday, February 21, 2011

Where I've Been...

Well, I can't believe a whole month has almost passed since my last update. My apologies. I was sick for three weeks. First, a cold. Then, a sinus infection and finally, bronchitis. Needless to say, I didn't crochet much when I was sick. The only thing I made was 5 cupcake magnets for story time props. I used this pattern. I tweaked the icing part a bit and didn't make the cherry. I'll post a picture soon.

The three baby afghans are still in the works: Pigeon, baby girl flower garden, and baby boy cowboy. The colorful squares for the baby girl afghan (Marrakesh & Melonberry) are done. I've made a half dozen of the Buff squares and find the color just blah. A baby shower has been scheduled for the baby boy afghan (March 27), so I'll be putting all my energy into it and a new commission.

Luckily (or unfortunately), my sister has given me another project. She has to attend a joint baby shower on March 12 (about 3 weeks from now) and wants me to make afghans for them. They're both having girls. Both afghans will have Light Raspberry and Orchid. One will have Aruba Sea and the other will have Cornmeal. They're going to be very bright colorful afghans.

I have quite a few story time props to make in the next few weeks. Teeth, cats, raindrops, frogs, and flowers. My themes are, if you haven't already guessed, teeth, Dr. Seuss, rain, frogs, and flowers. I'm hoping to be more faithful in my updates in the coming weeks. Next Tuesday marks the 1st day of National Craft Month. I don't have anything special planned. This is a good thing as I have 5 (yes, that says five) baby afghans in various states of completion.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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