Friday, August 10, 2012

Squares and More Squares

I'm still on that roll I talked about last week making squares for the brother-in-law's Christmas afghan. The Gold did make ten squares. I've also made 4 Warm Brown Squares and I'm working on some Cafe ones. I'm hoping to squeeze 16 out of the skein.

In the meantime, I've planned another baby afghan. For a baby boy who's not due until December. I'll be using what I have: Williamsburg Print and Coral. If you're familiar with these colors, you'll know this is going to be a nontraditional baby afghan.

In other news, I bought the September/October issue of Crochet Today for the scarf pattern using the new Team Spirit yarn. I'm making new Gryffindor scarves for my best friend and me. Hers is for Christmas. Mine needs to be done by early December. I'm hosting a Harry Potter Party and need it for my costume.

Red Heart has some new colors in its Super Saver line. My local Wal-mart has a few. As you can see by this picture, I was very tempted. However, I stayed firm. I'm only buying yarn I absolutely need (like Real Teal for the brother-in-law's afghan) until I've used up some of my stash. I love purple (Grape Fizz), but I really like the red multi (Chili). My sister likes the one at the bottom of the picture (Heartfelt) and is already trying to think of something I can make for her out of it.

Summer Reading ended this week. I'm "in" my office all next week getting ready for the fall story times and events. The next week, I'm on vacation. It's mostly going to be a stay-cation, but I am going craft shopping. I'm going to hit A.C. Moore, JoAnn's, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby. I already have quite a list going of the stuff I want/need or just want to look for. I'm really excited. Felt, yarn, scrapbook stuff. It will be wonderful.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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