Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another NCM Update

I have finished the 81 squares for my niece's baby afghan. The ends are ran in and I am sewing them together as we speak. I am still of the opinion that it will be one of the prettiest baby afghans I've made.

I've decided to just make 10 yellow and 10 orange bookworms. I'm not sure how many people I'll be seeing at Easter, but I can always bring some of the variegated ones, too.

Today, I think I might finish the scrap cat as well as those bothersome Halloween projects. It will be so nice not to have any unfinished projects hanging over me. I also need to get the eyes glued on the bookworms and the magnets on the butterflies. There are several people I can tick off my Christmas list once those butterflies are done.

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