Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NCM Update

Yesterday, I made some bookworms and squares. I make the bookworms while I watch movies. I make the squares during my online classes. I only have 4 more skeins of variegated yarn to work through. I've decided not to make bookworms with all my solid colored yarn. I do have a yen to make yellow and orange bookworms. They'll be so nice and bright during this dreary winter weather. I suppose they'll be my Easter bookworms.

I'm still looking at the Christmas 2009 list. I could make a chicken, come hippos, some dishcloths, a cat, a baby bootie ornament, or a puppy. I also have a flutter of butterfly magnets to finish up (run in ends, add pipe cleaners and magnets). I suppose thinking about projects counts for something. There are quite a few gaps in my Christmas list. These people need something made for them. I just don't know what yet. Think, think, think!

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