Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Niece, Unfinished Projects, Reclaiming Yarn, & Coupons

I'll be an aunt in July. I found out yesterday that the baby is a girl. I thought it would be, but for the sake of my current yarn stash, I wish it were a boy. I have more boy colors than girl colors. I need to start a baby afghan. I'll probably do shades of purple and green. I'm very anti-pink when it comes to babies.

I decided a good use of my time during NCM would be to finish my unfinished projects. I don't have that many, just butterflies and some Halloween stuff.

I have also reclaimed yarn from projects I had never finished or never used. These include 2 scarves I made almost 3 years ago, snowflakes from my purple tree decorations, the garland from the same tree, and numerous granny squares where I overshot my quota for various baby afghans. I now have a whole bag full of yarn to put to better use.

Yesterday, I went to JoAnn's because I had 5 40% off coupons. I got 572 wiggle eyes, 100 sheets of card stock, and 25 pipe cleaners (for the butterflies) all for $9.71. Gotta love those coupons.

I've been working on a scarp cat. I have the 2 sides made. 1 is pinks and maroons. The other is purples and blues. I just need to run the ends in and crochet the sided together. I think I'll leave this cat without eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Haven't decided if I'm keeping the cat or giving it away. It would make a good gift for a little girl on my Christmas list. I was going to make her a puppy, but the cat's already made.

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