Thursday, April 1, 2010

NCM 2010 Wrap-Up

March has officially ended (like a lamb, I'm happy to report) and so has National Craft Month. I had a great time crocheting through the month. I was rather surprised with the amount of crocheting I got done.

Here are my totals for the 31 days of my NCM Celebration:

  • 21 four-round squares for my sister's Christmas afghan
  • 61 three-round squares for my friend's baby afghan
  • 5 three-round squares for the Peter Rabbit baby afghan

My crocheting fun is not ending because National Craft Month has. You know me...I always have a project in the works. My current one is a paid gig. A friend's co-worker is having a baby. They're decorating the nursery in Peter Rabbit. Enter me, my crocheting skills and the perfect color scheme for a Peter Rabbit baby afghan. I'm using Red Heart's Frosty Green, Buff, and Rose Pink. The afghan is for a baby girl. Another option would be Buff, Rose Pink, and Spa Blue. For a boy, I would use Frosty Green, Spa Blue, and Buff.

I've enjoyed posting these weekly updates so much that I plan/hope to continue them. I like to report my progress on a regular basis.

Until next time...

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