Friday, August 26, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Well, the Sherbet Baby afghan was coming right along. I have 22 of 27 Pale Plum squares made. I found a variegated (Red Heart Super Saver Calliope) that I was going to edge the afghan with. I liked it so well I was going to use a half double crochet stitch instead of single crochet. Today, my friend posted pictures of the baby's nursery. The good news: a beautiful nursery. The bad news: the afghan I have planned is going to clash horribly. The nursery is chocolate brown and a dark pink.

After a trip to Wal-mart for more yarn, I've fixed the problem. Instead of Light Coral and honeydew, I'm now using Perfect Pink (a new shade that I really like) and Cafe with the Pale Plum. It will be lighter than the nursery, but I think it will match well. Providence was looking out for me. I chose to make the Pale Plum squares first and I saw the nursery pictures before I started the other colors.

Until next week, happy crocheting!

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