Friday, September 23, 2011

Progress Report

The Perfect Pink squares for the Sweet Chocolate baby afghan are done. I'll be moving on to the Cafe squares today. I predict that the afghan will be done in a week or so. This is great news. The baby (Lilah Marie) will be here in about a month. I'll have the afghan done and mailed before she arrives.

My other pregnant friend didn't find out the sex of her baby. The baby wouldn't cooperate. He or she had his or her legs crossed! The next ultrasound isn't until December and the baby is due January 19. I've asked if she wants any particular color and she said no. I plan to use Red Heart Super Saver's French Country (a rather lovely variegated yarn with blue, yellow, and white in it) and a yellow. I think it will work perfectly for a boy or a girl .

I've decided my yarn inventory isn't complete. I also need to include my balls and scraps. I may get to that this evening. I also haven't worked on my Christmas lists. I need to soon! Christmas is coming whether I'm ready for it or not. I predict the things I'll be making this year will be small like bookworms, dishcloths, coasters, and ornaments. I've been hankering to make some bookworms. Usually I have a stash, but I depleted it long ago.

A friend has commissioned me to make a baby afghan for her friend. I found out last week what the nursery colors are: light purple and light green. I sent my friend a color chart on Monday. I'm waiting to hear back about her final selections. I usually do baby afghans with three different colors, but I also offered her the nine patch block layout which would mean four colors. She suggested a dark purple and I suggested a white or brown. I'll let you know what's decided.

Until next time, happy crocheting!

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