Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Projects

Just today I realized that the Orchid yarn I'm making squares with is almost the exact shade of the blooms on the red bud trees. Red bud trees are my favorite!

I'm plugging along with the squares. I actually need to count them to see how close I'm getting to the 41 I need. Yesterday, I edged 2 sides of the French Country baby afghan. I'm hoping to finish it up along with the purse this weekend.

I'd like to start on the Easter bookworms as well. I'll be using Red Heart Super Saver's Light Coral, Mint, Turqua, Orchid, Pale Yellow (or Cornmeal), and Light Raspberry. I do enjoy working with pastels...but usually not in baby afghans. There they seem to be so overdone.

I have a long weekend starting this evening. With any luck, I'll get a lot of crocheting done. Until next time, happy crocheting!

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